akkuteam chager technology for starter- and tractionbatteries

Charger for traction batteries

As a specialist supplier of batteries and battery technology, we also offer you the right chargers in addition to traction batteries for intralogistics. We advise you on the design of the power size and the technology, because this is crucial for the service life expectancy of the battery and the operating costs of the charger.

In our range you will find cost-effective chargers in conventional 50 Hz technology and state-of-the-art high-performance devices with inverter technology which convince by their small size and high efficiency. We offer chargers for both conventional lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

We give you advice especially on your application and select the suitable charging system for you by taking into account all economic aspects. In addition, we are able to design chargers for your specific application.

Charger technology for starter batteries

No matter, if you are looking for a charger for the protection of the energy demand during power-intensive work on the on-board system. If you need a device for charging batteries inside or outside the vehicle with subsequent charge retention. Or if you are looking for a charger especially for on-board systems support of exhibition vehicles.

akkuteam is your experienced partner. We offer a range of chargers, but we are also able to design devices which are specially tailored to your needs.

Laboratory tests/ field tests

All chargers for traction batteries or lead-starter-batteries are state-of-the-art. The devices were successfully tested in our testing laboratory and also in field tests for effectiveness, functionality and reliability.

You want to have your charger tested? No problem. Our laboratory team will put your device to the acid test.

Please contact us. Phone: +49 (0)5521 / 9981-0.

Charge Cube - the compact, efficient lead-starter-battery charging device

The Charge Cube is a compact high-frequency battery charger, which is designed as a broadband network input device. It corresponds to the highest efficiency class with a power factor of 0.99 for energy-saving Operation and can be operated worldwide without national variations in all power grids. Country-specific versions are not necessary. The charger offers you an automatic IU characteristic curve for batteries with liquid and bounded electrolyte as well as for lithium-ion batteries. It is suitable for batteries of 3 to 300 Ah (adjustable via capacity selection). The Charge Cube has an automatic detection of vehicle voltage and a cooling using temperature-regulated fan.

It has a self-explaining and user-friendly menu guidance by using a color display and also uses pluggable mains and charging cables for an easy handling. The charger is designed with a robust steel housing with soft rubber edge protection to avoid vehicle damage. The Charge Cube is a robust and high-efficiant battery charger, which has been designed epecially for hardest working conditions in workshops. Thanks to the update-capable firmware the charger offers the highest-possible operational safety even for future battery generations and changing requirements on quality assurance.

Battery compatibility

  • Wet lead-acid batteries
  • AGM
  • EFB
  • EFB+
  • GEL
  • Lithium-ion

Operation modes

  • Charging batteries inside or outside the vehicle with subsequent Charge Retention.
  • Refresh-charging of deep-discharged or sulphated batteries outside the on-board electrical system.
  • Standby mode in onboard electrical System with installed battery during diagnosis or software update and switched-on Computers.
  • Power supply operation for power supply to the vehicle during repair work when the battery has been removed or during battery changeover.
  • Power input check for checking the charging capability of a deep-discharged battery within a few minutes.
  • Personalisation facilities

Safety functions

  • Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Soft start without spark formation
  • Safety switch-off for defective

Technical data charge cube 40A and 100A

  • Charging voltage range: 12 V nominal (1 – 17 VDC)
  • Rated output current: 40 oder 100 A
  • Characteristic curves: IU0U, IUI0U, IU, U konst
  • Mains input voltage: 90 – 265 VAC 50 – 60 Hz
  • Input current consumption: 2,9 A bei 230 V, 5,8 A bei 115 V (at full load Operation)
  • Mains cable for EU (earthed plug) 3,0 m Länge long
  • TWINFLEX 2 x 10 mm2 charging cable 5.0 m long
  • Protection Class: IP21D
  • Dimensions & weight Charge Cube 40A: W 285 x H 265 x D 115 mm / approx. 4,7 kg
  • Dimensions & weight Charge Cube 100A: W 345 x H 265 x D 115 mm
  • approx. 6,15 kg
  • Warranty: 24 Monate
  • Article number: A003494 (Charge Cube 12-40) and A004624 (Charge Cube 12-100)
  • Manufacturer: akkuteam Energietechnik GmbH

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