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If you require electrically powered floor conveyor systems for your in-plant logistics activities, you also need special power solutions for particularly intensive operating conditions such as multi-shift operation or heavy-duty tasks that involve moving goods over steep ramps. As an approach to solution we can provide you traction batteries which are optimized for your application, substitute batteries and rapid charging technology.

akkuteam manufactures and supplies a wide variety of several thousand different types of traction batteries. This can be of conventional lead-acid or lithium-ion construction. We produce batteries with standard voltages of 24, 48 and 80 volts and capacities of up to 1550 ampere-hours and are also able to manufacture other battery-types and battery-voltages that are custom-made to suit your needs and requirements.

All of the akkuteam powerbloq batteries, that are manufactured by us achieve the highest quality standard. We obtain the cells used in these batteries from selected leading European manufacturers that we have been consistently monitoring and comparing with other manufacturers in the market for many years with regard to the quality of their products and services. We always abide by the terms of guarantee of German manufacturers stipulated by the German Central Association for Electrical Engineering and the Electronics Industry (ZVEI).

Contact us to today to order spare parts and equipment for your traction batteries from a professional supplier, from battery plugs right through to management systems for large charging stations. We will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance with regard to the technical options that can help to optimise your operations, as well as carrying out consumption analyses and capacity tests. Please feel free to contact us to find out more.

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