Unlimited power – naturally available

Do you need to be as independent as possible in the case of mains power failures? When combined with a UPS system, our electric generators ensure that your equipment continues to receive unlimited and uninterrupted electric power. We use your power requirements and consumption environment to determine your individual application range.

Generators with power range of 1 to 23 kVA

The users of these generators include tradesmen, handymen and the agricultural sector. Alongside simple robust devices, we are also able to provide our customers with soundproof models, short-circuit-proof welding current generators and stationary generators with an automatically initiated emergency power supply.

We rely on top-quality manufacturers such as Honda, Yanmar and Hatz for petrol-driven and diesel-powered motors.

Generators with power range of 15 to 590 kVA

These industrial generators are designed for use in engine rooms or external areas. The soundproof models can generally be used as transportable devices, with a leak-proof mounting base, rental fleet kit, lockable doors and towing assembly adding to their mobility. The generators are also available with an automatic emergency power supply, motor pre-heater, mains changeover switches and external fuel tanks when used for stationary applications. Our diesel-powered generators from Deutz and Volvo are the ultimate power supply units.

Generators with power range of 600 to 3.000 kVA

We work in close cooperation with two experienced German equipment manufacturers to constantly execute customer-specific projects that are precisely tailored to suit the needs and requirements involved in this power range. Alongside classic automatic emergency power supplies, we can also provide you with generators featuring synchronous operation with mains supplies and activation at times of peak demand. The motor technology used in these generators features up to 20 cylinders and is mostly supplied by MTU and MAN.

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