Power waiting patiently to be used

We design stationary battery systems that you can use as back-up power systems to secure the functioning of all important control units and measuring equipment in the case of mains power failures. The standby parallel operation of these systems enables them to supply power to, for example, high-voltage switches in control units, barrier systems, fire protection installations and clock systems and measurement technology in the field of water supply.

We meet your requirements by providing you with a power supply unit that suits your needs together with a battery system dimensioned to suit the specific task at hand. Our akkuteam fitters then install and start up your system for you, as well as briefing your staff as to how to use the system. We have obtained all of the certificates and qualifications required in order to provide these services.

Once your system has been installed, we will visit you once a year to run the necessary performance checks on your batteries. We do so by carrying out a capacity test on load resistance according to a discharge current table. This documentation then acts as evidence that your system is operationally reliable.

We fit both low-maintenance OGi, OPzS and GroE batteries and maintenance-free batteries using gel or AGM technology in accordance with the applicable conditions of use and are therefore able to provide you with expected battery service lives of between 5 and 20 years depending on the battery type used. We can also adapt battery racks or cabinets to suit your space requirements.