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We offer our customers outstanding repair and maintenance services provided by our own qualified employees for all of our akkuteam product ranges. Our team of service staff is available to help you 24 hours a day all year round. In case of a failure we will be ready for maintenance within a few hours all over Germany.

Uninterruptable power supply

Our range of services for UPS technology covers all of the maintenance routines prescribed by manufactures and extends as far as consumer-independent battery system capacity tests. We service over 300 UPS systems with an output volume of over 5 megawatts every year.

In addition to all well-established manufactors we prefer the maintenance of the Riello products. For more than 10 years we are „premium service partner“ of Riello in nothern Germany.


We carry out the necessary maintenance work on the oil engines and dynamos of electric generators in accordance with manufacturers‘ maintenance plans, as well as simulating and examining all machine conditions.

Emergency lighting

When servicing emergency lighting systems, we not only check the power and switching functions of the power supply unit but also use a capacity test to check the battery system with regard to the prescribed minimum autonomy time. By carrying out this maintenance work, we ensure that our akkuteam customers comply with the legal annual inspection requirement. We check all parameter of a system. If they are not conform with the default values, we will match them.

Stationary battery systems

Our maintenance services for stationary battery systems include a capacity test carried out in accordance with the manufacturer‘s discharge current table. This test provides you with obligatory information concerning your battery performance alongside the completion of routine maintenance work. In the case of critical applications, we supply a spare battery that we can connect to your equipment for the duration of the capacity test.

Traction batteries

Where traction batteries are concerned, we not only offer repair services for wear and tear and physical damage at all times, but also provide our customers with a maintenance package containing surface cleaning work in accordance with the inspection requirement stipulated by the German safety regulation DGUV-V3. Our fitters provide this spectrum of services for a total of over 10,000 traction batteries every year for our customers. They often use our 12-month mobility guarantee. This guarantee ensures the uninteruptable use of their forklift trucks. Contact us today and benefit from our professional expertise yourself!


Our traction battery chargers are classified as electrical equipment and therefore must undergo the contact protection examination prescribed by law in accordance with the German standards VDE 0701 – 0702 as part of the German safety regulation BGV A3. You will not only receive device inspections and cleaning as part of our maintenance package for chargers, but will also be given a report containing information on the insulating resistance recorded that enables you to comply with your legal inspection requirement.