Our highly modern battery testing lab

We have extensive knowledge particularly in battery technology and analysis. This is what well-known battery and automobile manufacturers the world over have come to depend on. And this includes the Volkswagen Group – Europe‘s largest automobile manufacturer.

The akkuteam battery testing lab, set up in 2010, meets the stipulations of the most recent technological standards. With its equipment it is adapted to the equipment of the test laboratory of Volkswagen Forschung & Entwicklung, our largest customer in this segment. It is also fitted out with a maximum safety power supply system which is unique in Europe. This enables us to ensure you to obtain precise test findings given without any power cuts. Learn more about our process reliability, the technical set-up of our testing lab and also about our range of services on the following pages.

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Range of Application

As an independent battery testing lab for lead-acid batteries, we render performance analyses for:

  • 12 volt enclosed starter batteries (liquid electrolyte filling, EFB and EFB+) and those which are sealed (AGM, Vlies, Gel)
  • 12 volt enclosed and sealed batteries for stationary applications (OGi, OPzS, GroE, AGM, OPzV)
  • 12 volt small traction batteries for electric vehicle drives (forklifters, lifting platforms, e-mobile vehicles) of the low-on-maintenance and maintenance-free types
  • 2 – 80 volt traction batteries (PzS, PzV) for forklifters

Equipment 12 Volt Range

  • Micro-processor controlled battery testing circuits for charging/discharging processes, 47 testing circuits, 0.005 – 300 amperes at 0 – 18 volts DC charging and 5 – 15 volts DC discharging, measuring rate 10 ms, 1 – 1500 amperes high-current discharging at 5 – 15 volts DC, measuring rate 10 ms, Digatron UBT system with the BTS 600 central computer software 
  • temperature-controlled water baths 1 – 80°C, level- regulating, Kustan system
  • temperature climate chamber -40°C to +80°C, programme-controlled temperature sequences with a +/- 1°C per minute rising rate, Vötsch system
  • electro-mechanical vibration system (vibrating table), computer-assisted amplitude control, 10 – 35 Hz frequency and 1 – 8,1 g acceleration, Knauer system
  • precision-weighing system with IT link 65 kg in 1.0 gram steps, calibrated, Sartorius system
  • electronic density meters with temperature compensation, Anton Paar system

Equipment 80 Volt Range

  • Micro-processor controlled battery discharging circuits for
  • 1 – 300 ampere discharging currents at 2 – 80 volts
  • IU-controlled charging circuits with programmable characteristic courses with 1 – 200 amperes at 2 – 96 volts
  • process monitoring for charging/discharging sequences, IT-assisted with up to 40 synchronous channels


We regularly update our testing laboratory to the latest technical standards to ensure that we are well equipped to meet your individual requirements. Here is a list of frequently performed testing processes for automotive manufacturers and internationally recognized testing standards:


  • TL 82506:2014-10
  • TL 82506:2014-10


  • QEV 111 AFWM4T:2018-01
  • QEV 111 AF59PB:2015-07


  • GS 95001-4:2013-05


  • ES37110-01

Internationale Prüfnormen (DIN):

  • EN 50342-1:2022-08
  • EN 50342-6:2019-05
  • IEC 60095-2:2021

In addition, we perform other testing processes based on automotive manufacturers' standards, internationally recognized testing standards, and battery analytics customized to meet customer-specific requirements.

Our laboratory operates 365 days a year, around the clock. The power supply and ventilation system of our lab are already designed to handle an increase in capacity from 47 to 90 testing circuits, allowing us to quickly adapt to any potential increased demand.

Service 12 Volt range

  • Initial input measurement in acc. with various standards
  • capacity check
  • cold start test
  • exhaustive discharge test
  • static and dynamic current draw
  • cycle test series with differentiated exhaustive discharges
  • and temperature ranges
  • water consumption examination
  • corrosion test
  • inter-cell connector test
  • start/stop testing
  • internal resistance measurements
  • durability under shaking load
  • quality comparative measurements with delivery batches
  • individual test sequences at the customer‘s request
  • battery appraisal with documentation of the opened battery

Process Reliability

All processes are documented in a reproducible manner in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management standards.

To ensure guaranteed operational safety, our entire power supply is protected against power outages by a dedicated uninterruptible power supply (250 kVA) and a diesel generator (410 kVA).

Service 80 Volt range

  • capacity check with discharging currents up to
  • 300 amperes K5
  • cycle test series with differentiated exhaustive discharges
  • and temperature ranges
  • performance testing series with real current drain sequences
  • discharging characteristic documentation with up to
  • 40 single cell courses
  • internal resistance measurements
  • individual test sequences at the customer‘s request
  • battery appraisal with documentation of the opened battery
  • on-the-spot energy throughput analyses in the actual area of use


We keep both our testing equipment and our expert knowledge up to the minute at all times. Cooperation with the Volkswagen Group quality control test laboratories, several premium battery manufacturers, well-known charging appliance manufacturers and a selected number of universities of technology provide us with the scope for exchanging findings and developing our technological knowledge.

Delivery service

To ensure safe transport of the batteries to be tested to the exclusion of any incalculable external effects, we offer our own vehicles are available to our customers in Germany and the surrounding countries for collecting and returning these batteries. This is a cost-incurring service and is to be arranged on an individual basis.