In 1997 the akkuteam Batterievertrieb GmbH was founded as a specialized offerer for batteries and stationary battery systems. Apart from selling and customized project engineering we accomplished qualified services for our products (24 hours a day). With a steadily increasing sales volume the number of employees has grown up from two up to 60 persons today.


Already three years after the establishment we developed independently car battery charger systems for the Volkswagen Group. Today we are one of the biggest suppliers in this segment and equip workshops of car dealers like Volkswagen, AUDI, Škoda and SEAT worldwide. As an additional service we offer maintenance of the chargers and a technical consultuing for the users.

By doing stationary battery projects we collected more and more experience within the ranges uninterrupted current supply, safety lighting systems and generators. This established us the possibility to extend our portfolio in this sector. Actually we engineer more than 1 megawatt UPS-achievement per year. The generators of our projects reach thereby achievement sizes up to 3 megawatts.


In view of greater proficiencies in the uninterruptible power supply, emergency light system and power generation business units, in mid-2007 we changed our corporate name from akkuteam Batterievertrieb GmbH to akkuteam Energietechnik GmbH. However, the name change has not affected the original company constellation. Thus, company founder Norbert Engel continues to be the Managing Director and sole shareholder. After all, aside from a number of strategic alliances which we retain with suppliers, product developers and technical universities, we have always endeavoured to ensure that the company grows on its own and with no strings attached.


Long-term corporate development has always continued to concentrate on developing and effectively combining our technical proficiencies in battery and standby power technology. As such, we constructed and placed into service our Battery Care Station (BCS) in Seesen in 2010. The Battery Care Station is a recharging station for batteries imported from overseas the voltages of which may have dropped on account of the long journeys involved. The batteries are recharged here on their way from the manufacturer to where they will finally be used. We specifically selected Seesen on the A7 autobahn to optimize the logistic connection of this service to the processes of automobile industry end customers.


The construction and start-up of our own ultra-modern battery testing laboratory at the company’s location in Herzberg in 2011 ensured us focussing even more on our key corporate competence. Our test laboratory complies with the most-up-to-date technical standards. Its equipment is very much matched to that of our most important laboratory customer – the Volkswagen Research & Development test laboratory. Our laboratory is unique in Europe thanks to its secured supply of power. The efficiencies of batteries from all over the world are tested here.


The number of overseas manufacturers with an even greater share of the German market and with most of their products being sent by ship to Europe continues to grow. At the start of 2015 we quadrupled the operative capacity of our Battery Care Station to deal with the increased need for charging points. This expansion enables us to recharge up to 5,000 starter batteries a day and to despatch them. This EUR 180,000 capital outlay means that we are now equipped to meet the rising demand in this field.


For practically 20 years now, akkuteam has been your expert and flexible partner for battery and standby power technology. We provide innovative products coupled with excellent service. As a modern company, we are very much focussed on the future and are ready, at all times, to face whatever changes arise. In this light, akkuteam entered 2016 with a fresh, new corporate design and an up-to-the-minute Internet platform.


To come up with the everrising demands, we have increased the capacity of our battery testing lab by 50 percent in 2017.


A new investment in the future and government-funded by the land lower saxony: the new building and implenting of the battery care station (BCS) with 4.500 square meters of logistics area, 4.500 pallet spaces and a affiliated office building of 500 square meters at the location Rudolf-Diesel-Straße in Seesen. Through this we can recharge and dispatch up to 12.000 starter batteries a day.