Creating exclusivity with excellent intuition

akkuteam develops and manufactures special customer-specific charging technology for starter, traction or stationary applications in both custom-made project-specific constructions and large-scale production runs for OEMs.

We specially design this technology to suit our customers‘ individual requirements. Whether you need charging technology for use on an open mounting plate or in a case with a high-quality design, we will happy to deal with your request.

You can rest assured that we will find the perfect solution for your requirement, be it a buffer battery for an electric hospital bed or a special charger for supplying control voltage for an underground water turbine!

The Volkswagen Group is our largest customer for special charger technology. Together with our partners we develope these individual chargers accoring to the user requirements specification. The chargers will be used in the workshops of the brands Volkswagen, AUDI, Škoda und SEAT all over the world.

Every year we introduce thousands of OEM-devices onto the market. Obviously we offer a technical support for these custom-made devices to you. In case of a damage all chargers will be repaired and returned immediatly to their users all over the world.