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The use of emergency lighting systems is a legal requirement in public buildings, places of public assembly, workplaces and hospitals. These systems ensure that lit emergency signs are used to indicate emergency exits and escape routes in the case of power outages or fire hazards and that these exits and escape routes are illuminated with a minimum light intensity.

The systems use lit emergency signs with built-in batteries for small applications and a central battery system with a control unit for larger buildings, in which all lights are connected to this one central system. For the refurbishment of an old building we will offer you innovative lamps, which can be controlled by WLAN. This technology prevents complex and expensive doing of wirings.

akkuteam designs systems for all kinds of uses, from small applications right through to large multi-level installations, and deals with all aspects of these systems, from the planning stage right through to putting them into operation.

You can also benefit from the services that we provide in our annual maintenance check, which is required by law and also involves a capacity test. Once we have installed your system, you can rest assured that we know it inside out. We are therefore able to work quickly, competently and reliably – for your safety.

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