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Secure your uninterruptible power supply even in case of unstable mains supply like voltage fluctuations, short interruptions or total power failure. Static UPS systems from akkuteam ensure in a power range from 400 VA to 6,400 kVA that all connected consumers draw power without interruption until the regular mains has resumed supply or the consumer systems are switched off in a controlled manner. We routinely determine the power requirements, autonomy time, installation effort and installation site of your UPS system. The project planning is guaranteed individually to optimize your application.

In addition to safeguarding IT systems, we are specialists in supplying complete production plants, process technology and motor drives. Network connection, shut-down software, remote control and global device visualization are technical standard for akkuteam products. State-of-the-art power electronics in the UPS systems with an efficiency of almost 100 % are used as a matter of course. For your uninterruptible power supply we guarantee a constantly available service. Around the clock, every day of the year, with our own staff, nationwide.
There are three different types of systems for uninterruptible power supply with which you can secure your supply of electrical energy. These are the offline, the line interactive and the online UPS system. Here you will learn more about the respective characteristics of these UPS systems as well as advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the circuit diagrams will give you a simple overview of how they work.
Learn more about the different UPS systems like offline, online and line interactive UPS systems here.

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