VAS 5581 – Our newest diagnostic box

Our VAS 5581 diagnostic box supports the analyzing and diagnosis of high-voltage batteries which are used in all vehicles of the Volkswagen-Group, for example in an e-Panamera S Hybrid or the VW eGolf. With its help, errors can be retrieved directly on the vehicle information system, even if the battery management system is not connected tot he on-board power supply.
For a practical diagnosis of the battery management system, all necessary conditions of the vehicles electrical system will be provided to the battery management system by the VAS 5581 via bus simulation.

The VAS 5581 provides all security-relevant data which are necessary to check, for example, the voltage or the isolation conditions of the battery.

With this product, we can provide a very innovative tool available for worldwide applications to our customers, the Volkswagen Group and its brands.

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