Slider Batterieladegeräte VAS 5906A

VAS Battery Chargers – Exclusive for the Volkswagen Group

For more than 15 years akkuteam develops and manufactures special battery chargers for workshops of the Volkswagen Group. These special chargers for starter batteries designed in each case after functional requirements receive after permission of Volkswagen a VAS tool number and distribute world-wide by workshop equipment exclusively to partner enterprises of the twelve vehicle marks within the Volkswagen Group.

These equipment is laid out in their charge characteristics after world-wide defaults of the company quality assurance and partly have special functions, which only find application with internal test processes of the Volkswagen Group.

For the large number of equipment, which akkuteam already supplied into this market, we offer a world-wide service for repair and technical advice.
The direct contact by e-mail for questions is

VAS 5581

VAS 5581 – Our newest diagnosis box

Our VAS 5581 diagnostic box supports the analyzing and diagnosis of high-voltage batteries which are used in all vehicles of the Volkswagen-Group, for example in an e-Panamera S Hybrid or the VW eGolf.

VAS 5906A

VAS 5906A – the intelligent & efficient  charger for exhibition vehicles in showroom

The VAS 5906A is a powerful 12 V charger with 32 A rated current. Especially designed for power supply support and charge retention for exhibition vehicles. The design of the device housing also meets the high requirements on modern presentation areas for use in the Showroom.


VAS 6558/15 – Our newest HV test adapter

The vehicle-specific high-voltage test adapters are used for vehicle system diagnosis purposes. The various adapters allow the touch-protected adapting of the high-voltage plug-in and bolted connections for measuring the insulation and resistance of the vehicle lines and aggregates.

VAS 6565A

VAS 6565A – The High Voltage-Diagnostics-Battery-Support-Device

A high voltage-Diagnostics-Battery-Support-Device with variable charging voltage from 100 up to 600 V and 3,0 A rated current. This device is particularly designed for charging traction batteries of hybrid vehicles in workshop use.

VAS Firmwate Updates

VAS – firmware updates

Here you will find all available firmware-updates for the VAS-chargers.

VAS Device archive

VAS – device archive

In the VAS device archive you will find older versions of VAS chargers. This archive is only for information. The devices are not available anymore.