Regenerate your energy with efficient sources of power

In order to use traction batteries, you also need a compatible battery charger. Correctly determining the power range and equipment technology required in a charger is essential for both the expected service life of your battery and the operational costs of your charging device.

Nowadays, even low-priced chargers with conventional 50 Hz technology feature intelligent control systems that highly influence their ability to protect batteries against damage and optimise their service lives while charging. Our range of products and services in this area is topped off by a variety of different charging characteristics and special functions to meet the needs and requirements of your applications, especially those involving heavy-duty tasks and multi-shift operation.

Our state-of-the-art charger constructions contain high-frequency converters based on inverter technology that considerably reduce the overall size of the charger whilst maintaining the required power. These chargers also boast an efficiency of 96% and are therefore able to achieve a considerable power consumption saving of 25% compared to 50 Hz devices. The lower power consumption and small cable cross sections of these charging stations mean that they will earn back their higher prices in a very short space of time, especially in the case of large and medium-sized charging stations.

We provide you with advice and assistance tailored to suit your application and select the ideal charging system for you whilst taking all economic aspects into consideration.