Secure your power supply, even in the case of an unstable mains supply due to factors such as voltage fluctuations, short interruptions or complete power failures. An UPS system ensures an uninteruptable supply with electrical power and also an optimal protection for your production flows, processes, data and critical load.


Do you need to be as independent as possible in the case of mains power failures? When combined with a UPS system, our electric generators ensure that your equipment continues to receive unlimited and uninterrupted electric power. We use your power requirements and consumption environment to determine your individual application range.

Emergency Lighting

In case of a critical situation emergency lighting systems save lifes. If there is a blackout or a fire risk these systems ensure that lit emergency signs are used to indicate emergency exits and escape routes and that these are illuminated with a minimum light intensity. akkuteam designs systems for all kinds of uses, from small applications right through to large multi-level installations, and deals with all aspects of these systems, from the planning stage right through to putting them into operation.

Stationary Battery Systems

We design stationary battery systems that you can use as back-up power systems to secure the functioning of all important control units and measuring equipment in the case of mains power failures. We analyse your actual requirement and offer a power supply unit combined with a battery system that suits your special needs. Our akkuteam fitters then install and start up your system for you, as well as briefing your staff as to how to use the system.

Traction Batteries

If you require electrically powered floor conveyor systems for your in-plant logistics activities, you also need special power solutions for particularly intensive operating conditions. As an approach to solution we can provide you traction batteries which are optimized for your application, substitute batteries and rapid charging technology. akkuteam manufactures and supplies a wide variety of several thousand different types of traction batteries with standard voltages of 24, 48 and 80 volts and capacities of up to 1550 ampere-hours.

Ladegeräte Traktion

Special Charger Technology

akkuteam develops and manufactures special customer-specific charging technology for starter, traction or stationary applications in both custom-made project-specific constructions and large-scale production runs for OEMs. Whether you need charging technology for use on an open mounting plate or in a case with a high-quality design, we will happy to deal with your request. The Volkswagen Group is our largest customer for special charger technology. Together with our partners we develope these individual chargers accoring to the user requirements specification for workshops all over the world.

Charge Cube 40 und 100, Batterieladegerät

Battery Charger

In order to use traction batteries, you also need a compatible battery charger. Correctly determining the power range and equipment technology required in a charger is essential for both the expected service life of your battery and the operational costs of your charging device. Nowadays, even low-priced chargers with conventional 50 Hz technology feature intelligent control systems that highly influence their ability to protect batteries against damage and optimise their service lives while charging. Our range of products and services in this area is topped off by a variety of different charging characteristics and special functions to meet the needs and requirements of your applications, especially those involving heavy-duty tasks and multi-shift operation.


For more than 20 years akkuteam develops and manufactures special battery chargers for workshops of the Volkswagen Group. These special chargers for starter batteries designed in each case after functional requirements receive after permission of Volkswagen a VAS tool number and distribute world-wide by workshop equipment exclusively to partner enterprises of the twelve vehicle marks within the Volkswagen Group.


We offer our customers outstanding repair and maintenance services provided by our own qualified employees for all of our akkuteam product ranges. Our team of service staff is available to help you 24 hours a day all year round. In case of a failure we will be ready for maintenance within a few hours all over Germany.

Battery Test Laboratory

We have extensive knowledge particularly in battery technology and analysis. A lot of well-known automobile manufactorer count on this. Our battery testing lab was set up in 2010 and it meets the stipulations of the most recent technological standards. With its kit it is adapted to the equipment of the test laboratory of Volkswagen Forschung & Entwicklung, our largest customer in this segment. It is also fitted out with a maximum safety power supply system which is unique in Europe. This enables us to ensure you to obtain precise test findings given without any power cuts.

Battery Care Station

The construction of the Battery Care Station by akkuteam in 2011 created a recharging station for starter batteries. This is a service of special interest for overseas customers. After all, lengthy transportation times can lead to voltage drops in the batteries. As a consequence, they may fall outside the tolerance range needed for fitting into new vehicles from Germany’s automobile manufacturers. The akkuteam battery care station gives new power to the batteries.